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Quality, value-priced Supply Chain, Crystal Reports and Macola consulting. We will not stop until you are satisfied.Closing Quote

About Us

With the synergy of Supply Chain expertise and software experience, we will be able to make your processes run better and more efficiently. Expect a quick return on your investment.Closing Quote

Todd - Founder - THCP Solutions

What Do We Do?

  • Excel

    Excel reports and automation, including database access, macros, V-Lookup, and pivot tables
  • Macola and CribMaster

    Maintenance and data entry including forecasting, data extraction, data entry, general reference, automation or problem solving

We can make your system work for you

Do you repeatedly attempt to retrieve information from your database and do not fit the needs of your project?

Do you need help getting control of costs or delivery in your Supply Chain?

Do you find yourself spending time you could better spend doing aspects of business that would more directly relate to your bottom line?

Do you need short-term, mid-term, or long-term help to get a few critical projects accomplished?

Is there a project that would help productivity that hasn't yet been developed due to time constraints or lack of an internal resource?

We have the answer: THCP solutions

Supply Chain, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access, CribMaster, Macola, Excel, and SQL database solutions

Putting IT and Supply Chain together you create a platform to obtain, manipulate, enter, and best utilize the data you need to drive your business. We will make it all 'just work' for you so all that you have to worry about are the best business decisions resulting from seeing the data, and seeing the data work for you.